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5 axis cnc router

5 axis cnc router

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High-precision 5 axis CNC router machine with HSD spindle

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Product name:High-precision 5 axis CNC router machine with HSD spindle
Product Category:5 axis cnc router


Standard configaration:

·9kw Italy HSD air cooling spindle
·11KW Taiwan DELTA inverter
·Taiwan SYNTEC control system
·Japan YASKAWA servo motor and driver
·Taiwan HIWIN #25 linear guide for X Y Z axis
·Taiwan TBI #2510 ball screw
·Vacuum & T-slot combined worktable
·France Schneider safety switch
·Taiwan SYNTEC MPG handle wheel
·Manual lubrication system
·Automatic tool sensor calibration
·Japan OMRON limit switch for X,Y,Z axis
·Shanghai  Highly flexible towline,fire-resitant double-sheathed cable
·Type3 or Art cam software

Working Size1500*2500
Traveling Positioning Accuracy ±0.05
Repositioning Accuracy±0.01
TableT-slot & vacuum Table 
X, Y axishelical rack, Hiwin 25# Rail Linear Bearing
Z axisHiwin Rail 25# Linear Bearing & TBI Ball Screw
Spindle Power9KW Italy HSD ATC air cooling spindle
Spindle Speed0-24000RPM
Drive MotorsTaiwan SYNTEC control system
Operating SystemJapan YASKAWA servo motor and servo driver

·Advertising: Advertising signs, logo making, acrylic cutting, plastic molding, engraving on a variety of advertising decorative products materials.
·Various Wooden products,like Solid Wood Furniture and Solid Wood Door,Decorative Panel,Computer Desk,Office Furniture. 
·Other industry: relief, widely used in craft gifts industry, Aluminum industry, Cutting aluminum, aluminum composite panel, aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum profile, 3D ornamental engraving process, wave board production, LED, neon trough literal cutting, plastic mold making light box . Acrylic, copper, PVC board, artificial stone, MDF board and other types of sheet processing.

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