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Aluminum Battery tray engraving and milling machine, punching machine

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Product name:Aluminum Battery tray engraving and milling machine, punching machine
Product Category:Custom machine

APEX cnc Tapping machine,CNC milling hole machine for metal

The machine is mainly used for processing soft metal, the machine has tapping, milling, cutting, carving.
The machine comes with auger function that automatically eliminates waste.
Machine can be customized according to specific requirements.

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Full range of customized models

1. Customized machine size according to product size specifications

2. Customized machine type (light or heavy) according to application industry, product attributes and specifications

3. Choose the optimal machine configuration based on budget

4. Before ordering the machine, you can go directly to our company to produce samples, compare the effects and then order

5. Our customers have a return rate of 90%

6. Provide customers with complete solutions, from design modeling, programming, fixtures, tool selection, CNC machining. Guide all-round, let you quickly master the processing technology


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