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CNC saw machine for Balsa

CNC saw machine for Balsa

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New Mold!Automatic loading and unloading CNC saw machine

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Product name:New Mold!Automatic loading and unloading CNC saw machine
Product Category:CNC saw machine for Balsa

Product Description


Processing size1.2*1*0.4m
Saw sizeφ700(<700)
Cutting angle ±20°
cutting speed 15m/min
transfer speed 15m/min
Stacking height 220mm
Maximum processed product width 1.2m



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Product Application

 Application range

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1.  service before sales:  our salesman will try to know your requirement about our cnc router specificaiton and what kind of work you will do . then we will offer our best solution for your requirement.  then it  can confirm each customer can get their real needed machine.
2. service during produnctio: we will send photos of machines during making. so customers can know more details about the procession of making their machines. and give theirm suggestions.
3. service after shipping: we will check when the machine arrive your sea port and approximate date of arrival. so customers can know when it will arrive and make enough preparation.
 4.service of warranty:we offer 1 year warranty for whole machine and half year warranty for spindle.  if any parts of our machine is broken. we will replace it for free.  if customers have any problems of machine in 2 or 3 , 5 years ,  they can contact us . we will always here waiting for you.

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