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Woodworking engraving machine image contour extraction techniques

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Woodworking engraving machine related parameter settings, you can refer to the following description:

1, tip angle: the image tracking processing, contour extraction have some sharp corners, when we set a perspective of value, such as the default 60. When faced with an angle greater than 60 degrees, the system will be a smooth process, so that it becomes a smooth curve; when less than 60 degrees, the system took to deal with it as a corner, without changing its shape. This angle value given only as a limit!

2, the tracking error: The smaller the value, the more accurate the tracking profile obtained, the corresponding computation time is also longer; the larger the value, the contour tracking error is obtained on a large number, but the corresponding computation time is shorter.

3, smooth frequency: refers to the number of curve smoothing, when given the value the greater the effect of their treatment will be better!

4, contour approximation precision: the current read is an image, a bitmap by the pixel dots, after which you will see an enlarged shape such as jagged edges. The so-called contour approximation accuracy refers to the graphics frame fitting, to reduce aliasing.

5, straightness: If the curve degree curved contour images (maximum chord height) is less than this value, the curve is represented by a straight line.

6, filter spots: When we get the image, it will inevitably have some dust, noise in the image, in order to remove these spots, set the filter spots velocity values, you can remove these extra spots, to increase the sharpness.

7, centerlines: Extract centerline, it refers to the outline of the image as a reference, describe the contours of the center line of the image. When wood engraving machine engraving text will be frequently used.

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