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Correct operation avoid chipping stone engraving machine

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Stone engraving machine tool wear is divided into three stages: the initial wear, normal wear and tear, rapid wear. Tool wear stage began mainly because the tool wear low temperature did not reach the optimum cutting temperature, then, the tool is abrasive wear, and wear on the tool is relatively large, easily lead to chipping tool. This period is a very dangerous period, handled properly, it could lead directly to the tool chipping failure.

1, the tool cutting temperature gradually rises to a reasonable temperature. After comparison with the same processing parameters and processing carried out can be seen running, tool life increased by 2 times. Running approach is reasonable under the circumstances to maintain the use of the spindle speed, feed rate will be reduced to half, the processing time is approximately 6 to 10 minutes.

2, stone engraving machine is the problem itself chipping stone engraving machine mechanical structure, Z axis is not perpendicular to the knife, Z-axis and X-axis angle difference exists, leading to uneven force balanced engraving tool use.

3, stone carving knife to eat too, machining feed speed is too fast, or the speed is not enough, poor quality tools and other factors can also cause chipping stone engraving machine.

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