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Engraving machine servo motor and stepper motor Comments

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Stable and with driving motor engraving machine has a lot of relations? Woodworking engraving machine secure it with a stepper motor or servo motor with a relatively stable it? Carpenter acquired more Italian engraving machine most of the clients are more concerned to secure carpenter engraving machine of a doubt, this is because the stable is one of the engraving machine the most important aspects of quality assessment.

It is because of the stability of this precision machinery safety equipment with all the design and installation skills of staff as well as structural parts are closely linked, and does not handle very clear distinction. Of course, also due to engraving machine is a whole, natural design is also in line with the user's habits.

Indeed affect the whole body of the truth, assuming our engraving machine during a certain kind of fitting perhaps one link fails, then it is surely a stable machine capable of precision may have been a great influence, but is not the same The site, part of the problem is not just the same, if the machine has been the impact of the natural formation also not the same. If you say a carpenter engraving machine drive motor is still stepping servo engraving machine will not affect the stable of a carpenter, it is certainly influential. Not that other, just from stepping

From both the system and the function of the servo system itself, the servo system is certainly much better than a lot of stepper systems, of course, here we have a great need to resolve what, servo system includes a servo motor and servo motor drives dedicated assumed with the general drive stepper motor used to drive the servo motor, it is a very old cow pulling BMW, fully carry no overall advantage of a servo motor.

The stability of the servo system itself must better than stepping system, which is consistent with the view of the machine tool industry, in order to make secure of the servo system to reflect the most perfect situation, with a corresponding machine must also need to make adjustments on For example guide it, if using domestic rail itself is not very high precision, stable sex is not very good, even if coupled with the servo system, the servo system will carry forward on impact.

Buy wood engraving machine, we bought a whole device, and an indispensable component systems may not stepping servo system, stepping servo systems may only carpenter engraving machine therebetween Well, this is a very simple truth , a good horse with a good saddle, with no other to collaborate, even with better servo system, it will still be bound to carry forward function.

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