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Engraving machine processing relief workers carrying knives how to set too high

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There may be some beginners in the use of wood engraving machine when the club encounter this problem: do relief carving tool carrying knives division interval is too large, thus waste a lot of carrying knives, knife down time. Where to fix it set up?

We ordinary use ArtCAM relief machining, tool put a knife too often due to the origin of peace Z height and height settings are too high over the appearance of reason produces relief. Deal with a problem is to be safe Z height and origin height is set to a relatively low value from relief appearance. Peace and height values Z height datum can approach through the tool manager page to set. In ensuring the tool does not collide with the onset of the condition of machined parts, should try to set the value of peace Z height to a minimum, thus reducing air-way movement of the tool, progressive processing efficiency.

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