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Focus on solving the engraving machine wear and collapse into question

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Engraving machine tool is divided into early, normal, rapid wear stage, the initial wear is mainly because the tool wear low temperature does not reach optimum cutting temperature, at this stage of wear abrasive wear, wear and tear on the impact of this tool is the most powerful the most likely cause chipping phenomenon tool.

Henan engraving machine focus on solving the problem of wear and collapse!

To avoid chipping phenomenon engraving machine of choice was running about, let the cutting temperature reaches a reasonable temperature, such Henan engraving machine tool life will be increased by 2 times, running method while maintaining the speed of the feed reduced by half, the time for 6-10 minutes.

Secondly, engraving machine tool chipping machine is the problem of the structure, Z axis verticality not, nose uneven force.

The best is the engraving machine tool knife to eat too, the feed rate is too fast, or not fast enough spindle, tool quality is the first consideration of the reasons!

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