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Deputy protective wood engraving machine ball screw

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Vice ball screw protection: Vice ball screw drives and other devices, like rolling friction, should avoid the hard dirt into dust or chips, it must be equipped with protective devices. If the ball screw deputy exposed on the machine, you should use a closed protective cover, such as the use of spiral tube, telescopic tube and folding casing. When you install one end of the shield connection on the side of the ball nut and the other end is fixed to the ball screw support seat. If the ball screw deputy in secluded location, you can use ring protection ring is mounted at both ends of the nut. Contact resilient seal with oil made of rubber or nylon, which formed with the screw thread hole to match the shape of the raceway; good contact seals dust effect, but because of the contact pressure, the friction torque is increased slightly . Non-contact seals, also known as labyrinth seal, which uses a hard plastic, the opposite shape of the hole with the screw thread raceway, and a slight gap, so to avoid friction torque, but the dust and poor results. Work should avoid crashing guards, guards a damaged should be replaced. Lubricant can improve wear resistance and transmission efficiency. Lubricant oils and greases can be divided into two categories. .

Ball screw precautions when using

Ball screw for precision mechanical parts assembly, so use should pay attention to the following matters:

(1) Guan talent network because low friction ball screw, the screw is vertical if no preload (preload micro as well) are placed, due to the weight of the nuts fall off from the screw shaft down, so the vertical use Please be careful. If the nuts come off the screw, the ball will fall off. In addition, the circulation catheter ball circulation unit are also at risk of damage. If the nuts come off the screw, please contact the after-sale technical staff.

(2) the ball screw nut loop section (circulation conduit, end caps, etc.) to highlight the external nut, please be careful not to knock and collisions.

(3) Do not put radial load, torque load applied directly to the ball screw. If the effect of radial load, torque load, will make life extremely reduced screw or lead screw does not operate smoothly.


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