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Engraving machine spindle cooling water pipe blockage is what causes

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First, make sure the water clean. To adhere to every day is really down can also be more difficult on the pump outlet filter layer on the bread, the best way is to have the timely replacement of recycled water per day. This can also effectively reduce impurities flowing into the spindle, spindle cause blockage. Once the spindle blockage, you can use the blow pipe connected to an air compressor on the spindle stone engraving machine into the water, repeated several times to blow congestion problems can be solved, no matter if blown into the water, can in turn blow at the outlet pipe, guaranteed dredge pipes. Water pipes are inserted in the water cycle is not easy to detect whether the blockage, usually during processing to regular touch spindle temperature, a high temperature is necessary to check the water pipes to avoid overheating the spindle, spindle damage.

But the big noise, water-cooled and air-cooled spindle shaft each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Air-cooled spindle relatively long service life. Low speed. Water-cooled spindle speed, low noise, but if relief engraving machine long process then will need to ensure that the spindle through the circulating water. Usually working out relief friends all know, some of the processing of wood dust can easily fall into the circulating water, a long time too many impurities in the water, which flows into the pipe or spindle circulating water will cause smaller or clogged. If this happens to take timely measures to exclude dust debris inside pipes.

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