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With a laser engraving machine "private custom" textile products Flower

Issuing time:2015-8-5 8:07:55Views:

Make the fabric flowers, well-known printing, jacquard, embroidery, etc., Zhejiang Textile & Fashion College teachers and students recently brought an innovation on textile products can be used in a variety of laser engraving machine carved flowers .

Textile Textile Institute school of professional instructor Zhang Jianhui, said the current laser engraving machine generally used for cutting plexiglass, wood and the like. Last year, they get information from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, laser engraving machine can also be used in the textile and clothing sector, it is mainly used to cut out the fabric. For this new technology, the college is very interested in the introduction of a laser engraving machine.

During operation, the textile professional teachers and students in addition to cutting fabric, also had an idea, think whether you can try a variety of floral engraving with a laser engraving machine on the fabric? After repeated experiments, we experienced a number of failures, and finally successful.

. "Compared with printing, jacquard, embroidered fabrics, such as the traditional flower pattern, laser engraving pattern printing has many advantages required for mass production, and the process is old, long labor process, large costs; jacquard process complexity, high prices; embroidery high labor costs, and labor long process. "Zhang said.

"Laser engraving fabric pattern operation is simple, fast, simple pattern just 5 minutes to complete a piece of work like Drum such a complex pattern also about 15 minutes to complete, time-saving, cost low. "Zhang said. Most importantly, laser engraving fabric flower truly a "personal custom" customer requirements. For the needs of customers unique piece, or a small amount of work, it can be customized, and immediately completed, unlike printing, jacquard need for mass production.

In addition, the characteristics of all kinds of flowers from the fabric, the printing is flat, jacquard process is too complicated, easy to hook embroidery thread. The flower laser engraving can be either all laser patterning can also be combined with embroidery, jacquard process, resulting in a relief effect.

It is reported that, at present mainly used in laser engraving fabric pillow, bedspread and other textile products, also used in leather and other fabric. Laser engraving of textile products will soon be welcomed, at present, the two companies have collaborated with textile specialty, by the teachers and students of the two companies' private custom "personalized products.

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