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Water-cooled spindle motor engraving machine how to clean clogged

Issuing time:2015-8-5 8:07:38Views:

Since engraving machine spindle motor is cooled spindle, it must rely on the inner loop water cycle repeated in the course of their work in order to achieve the purpose of reducing the spindle motor heat. So that the engraving function normal and stable work. Coffin engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, car foam mold engraving machine. Engraving machine spindle cooling water if not promptly replaced, it will lead to high heat production engraving machine spindle, making carving precision reduced, or even lost step, the situation is misplaced. So engraving machine spindle motor if blocked situation arises, should be promptly addressed. First, you can connect the pump to blow under the debris inside the pipes, plugs, try to blow. If not blowing, you can also use under dilute acid soaking, softening the blockage and then blown under high pressure water gun, the inside of the scale and impurities blow.

Since it is easy to plug engraving machine spindle, then usually engraving machine users in the use process should be done, as much as possible with clean cooling water as a spindle cooling water circulation. Do not choose too much cheaper and easy impurities, dirty water. In addition, so that ground replacing the cooling water, hot water, do not wait, come to replace.

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