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Woodworking engraving machine stick the knife how to do?

Issuing time:2015-8-5 8:07:05Views:

Wood engraving machine carving knife sticking process appears generally have the following two situations:

First, the material melts sticking to the tools. This phenomenon generally occurs in the processing of non-metallic materials, mainly due to cutting heat, leading to material melted, the solution are:

1) Replace the sharp knife: sharp knives can reduce the cutting heat.

2) reduce the spindle speed: Reduce the spindle speed corresponding lowering the cutting speed, thus reducing the cutting heat generation. Materials to avoid melting.

3) increase the feed rate: Feed rate increase, and the tool in a position to reduce the time spent, cutting heat per unit volume of material received so reduces avoid the melting of the material.

Second, the material does not melt sticking to the tools. This phenomenon occurs mainly in the processing of metallic materials, especially when machining steel material is easily prone to the phenomenon, mainly due to the cutting line speed is too low, cutting heat is too large. The solution are:

1) improve the cooling methods: changing the position of the cooling liquid is applied, and applied to the tool cutting-out position, a better cooling effect.

2) Replace the sharp knife: sharp cutting tool may reduce the heat, you can improve the situation.

3) If you can adjust the spindle speed, the spindle speed will increase.

4) reducing the feed rate.

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