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Woodworking centers can replace ordinary woodworking engraving machine

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Compared with ordinary woodworking center engraving machine, both in processing speed, accuracy, efficiency, hardware and software, there is a considerable advantage, with the development of technology, General carpentry engraving machine woodworking processing center will be gradually replace.

The following look at the performance and characteristics of wood processing centers:

1. The bed is welded steel rear wall, the vibration aging treatment, solid and durable, not easily deformed.

2. Z-axis ball screw from Germany, Taiwan high-precision 30 square rails, high precision and more durable. XY axes with rack drive, faster, better efficiency and cost savings.

3. Software compatibility, compatible type3 / artcam / castmate / Wentai and other CAD / CAM design software, with tool compensation, the Chinese show, background editing, multi-axis positioning, analog operation display, fault display.

4. Taiwan Po-yuan (or new generation) control system, easier to operate, hats ATC systems, and more time-saving security.

5. The drive system uses Yaskawa servo motor drives. Fully functional, stable performance and high reliability.

6. Italy HSD ATC air-cooled spindle, high precision long life. ATC system operation safety, save time. Chencan Woodworking Center

7. Manual oiling system, maintenance, maintenance more convenient.

8. six district vacuum suction clip dual countertops, shaped workpiece machining are more comfortable, stronger suction, up to 250 cubic meters / hour.

9. Resume carving, breakpoint recovery, processing time prediction function.

10. Software pre-processing function to correct errors in the software, but also with a variety of software code compatibility with international, such as MASTERCAM, TYPE3 and ARTCAM. 3D space curve budget law to ensure uniformity of multi-line, as well as speed and accuracy of the curve.

Woodworking centers compared with ordinary woodworking engraving machine, the advantage here?

1, the operation mode is simple and easy to understand;

2, a separate suction device;

3, advanced file pre-processing, intelligent correct processing errors, good compatibility;

4, in the control system, control system using wood processing center in Taiwan, there is a good intelligent processing program, a very good machine to prevent collisions, and can better control the processing speed, greatly enhance the work efficiency, cost savings .

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