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   Suzhou Apexcnc Machinery Co. Ltd. specializes in the development and manufacture of CNC machinery, with the most advanced technology, will always be standing on the peak of CNC industry.

   Companies from the NC Department of Mechanical and metal structure composed of two departments, high-tech CNC machinery and high-quality metal structure processing complement each other.

First, the NC Department of Mechanical


     In the professional R & D team, led by companies at home and abroad to provide optimal numerical solution. The major products include: all kinds of five-axis machining centers, Axis machining centers, large-scale three-axis machining centers, machining center furniture, stone engraving machine, small three-axis machining center, general triaxial engraving machine, long multi-process engraving machines, rotary axis three-dimensional sculpture in the round machine, engraving and milling machine, small engraving machines.

     In addition to these products, the company will launch a special employee training services to help customers quickly learn to use workers in high-tech products, so that customers in the fierce competition.

Second, the metal structure of the Ministry

     The company offers a variety of metal structure production, welding, annealing, painting and other train services, nearly 10 years of experience in the steel structure, equipment structure productions and very strong technology, the company has specialized technical personnel, and the production line staff, can produce a variety of complex weldments. Processing, to map processing, and export of labor can be.

     To undertake steel structure, machinery and equipment welding parts, galvanized, non-standard welding parts, stairs, railings, platforms and other metal structural parts of the welding process; do welding, steel material under the gantry, CNC flame cutting, and other processing.

Company uphold the "advanced technology, fine quality, the most outstanding service" concept, to the "sophisticated" road of development, to improve the competitiveness of products, to provide customers save labor, environmental protection and energy-saving products to help customers create brilliant.

Company aims: a response within 24 hours, within 48 hours to provide solutions.

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