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The company developed the design and production of CNC engraving machine is suitable for non-metallic or some soft metal such as copper and silver products processing carving.

Main application materials foam (Styrofoam) class, wood, wood (including wood products, MDF, particleboard, plywood, integrated panels, etc.), all kinds of plastic materials, stone, carbon fiber glass fiber products.

There are various kinds of woodworking applications industry type industries, such as furniture manufacturing, wood crafts industries, sculpture advertising industry, a variety of model types of trades, Mold various foam mold, lost foam, wood mold manufacturing, various reverse mold model processing industry, Cars, ship model, model aircraft industries, there are a variety of Molded Plastic Parts processing (such as car bumpers and other plastic shell), shaped appliances shell processing (custom-made), all kinds of PVC / PE / PP and other materials processing industry, a variety of composite materials like carbon fiber glass fiber processing cutting processing industry.

Our engraving machine all steel structure designed to use the enhanced structure, fully guarantee the rigidity of the machine process systems. Professional steel assembly production team, all structure of all to stress annealing process prior to processing, sandblasting before painting. Large structural parts are made of large-scale CNC machining equipment to ensure the accuracy of the machine reference. Summary component used in all medium and small CNC machining center, to ensure movement precision. All fittings using domestic high-end accessories electrical components mainly to high-end Schneider and Omron brands, mainly used in Taiwan and Taiwan amounted to drive spindle mainly imported Italian HIteco or HSD, guide mainly with Taiwan on the silver (HIWIN) and Japan THK, silk TBI and bars are mainly used on the silver (HIWIN) and the like. This will ensure that the life and the life of the machine's accuracy.

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